Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Production Schedule

This is a pretty old production schedule. At this point most of this has been altered and changed. I will be posting a new and improved version once I am able to slow down and collect my thoughts again.

"The Locker"
2010-2011 Production Schedule

Week 1: Establish Game Mechanics

Week 2: Finalize Character Concepts

Week 3: Begin High Poly Modeling and Finalize Level Design

Week 4: Continue High Poly Modeling and Begin Blocking in Level

Week 5: Finish High Poly Models and Begin Converting to Low Poly

Week 6: Continue Low Poly Modeling and Begin Assets for Level

Week 7: Continue Low Poly Models and Creating Level Assets

Week 8: Finish Low Poly Models and Continue Level Assets

Week 9: Begin Texturing Models and Finish up Level Assets

Week 10: Continue Texturing and Finalize Level

Week 11: Rig Characters for Animation and Begin Collecting Audio

Week 12: Begin Character Animation Cycles and Continue Collecting and Applying Audio

Week 13: Continue Character Animation Cycles and Audio Collection

Week 14: Continue Character Animation Cycles and Polish Characters and Level

Week 15: Polish Animation Cycles and Textures and Get Ready to Import to Unreal Engine

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